Income Disclosure Statement

We strive to be transparent and provide realistic expectations regarding the income potential of our master resale rights course, Passive Profit Millionaire. It is important to note that while Passive Profit Millionaire offers valuable insights and strategies to enhance your income, the actual results achieved may vary from person to person.

The success of any individual in generating income from Passive Profit Millionaire is dependent on various factors, including but not limited to their skills, dedication, personal effort, and market conditions. Millionaire Mindset Mama LLC does not guarantee any specific level of income or results by purchasing and implementing the strategies taught in this course.

Furthermore, it is essential to understand that the income potential mentioned in any testimonials or success stories shared within our course are not typical and should not be considered as a guarantee of earnings. These testimonials are the exceptional results achieved by individuals who have put in significant time, effort, and dedication to their endeavors.

We strongly recommend that you approach your business endeavors with realistic expectations and understand that success is not guaranteed simply by purchasing Passive Profit Millionaire. Your income will depend on your own personal circumstances and the actions you take to implement the strategies provided in the course.

It is crucial to thoroughly review the course materials, diligently apply the strategies, and seek additional guidance or support if needed. Remember, building a successful business and generating income requires persistence, continuous learning, and adapting to changing market dynamics.

Millionaire Mindset Mama, its owners, and affiliates cannot be held responsible for any financial losses or lack of success experienced as a result of using Passive Profit Millionaire. Your level of success is determined solely by your own efforts, skills, and market conditions.